What is The Big Freeze?

The Big Freeze Worldwide are the leaders in frozen motion and virtual motion technology. From the most profound synthesis of creative and technical minds out there, we’ve developed a system capable of delivering true high-definition images of subjects in 360 degrees! With a treasure chest of arrangements, set-ups, and creative inspirations, we can employ custom rigs and arrangements to capture true moments, frozen from any and every angle.


2017 Sizzle Reel

The Big Freeze has over 20 years’ experience and is the eye-candy fans want and seek out in our frenzied socially aware world. The system is capable of capturing both frozen moment effects and virtual speed effects.

At a recent event in California for BlizzCon, the big freeze effects were shared over 28 times per single capture. Those 2000 captures over the 2-day event were shared over 320,000 times.


All the effects are stored for the visitor to retrieve, view and share. Fans can either share them at live site on the iPad kiosks we set up, or do this on their own mobile smart devices, iPad etc. Once the visitor is viewing his or her effect they simply click the social share button right on the branded email they receive.

By pushing the button on the email they instantly share the effect to their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page with all their followers. Also, The Big Freeze has developed a visitor registration system, allowing the collection of data for brand marketing back to the fan if desired.